CARTOON: DUNG BEETLE AND ROBOT No. 091-092 “Robot Meets Its Maker”

Apparently Robot’s accent is similar to its Maker.

091-092-Dung Beetle aned Robot-ROBOT MEETS ITS MAKER lowres

DESCRIPTION: Colour comic strip in two panels.   PANEL ONE:  A small shack with a rusting tin roof is set amongst green grass and a distant tree line in the Australian outback; the sky is dark and stormy, and rain has begun to fall. The shack has been updated with solar panels and broadband receiver mounted on the roof.  The Maker is a native woman dressed in jeans, black tee, leather gloves, and hat. She’s wheeling her bright red wheelchair along the paving back to her front door. Cradling Robot in her right hand, she says, “Why there you are!” PANEL TWO: Inside her door, we see a dresser with a cat sleeping atop it, bed, and posters on the wall. All three have robots on them, “Metropolis”,


TODAY’S WORD: The term for an insect penis is aedeagus.

Colour comic Dung Beetle And Robot

Colour comic strip in four panels. A box between title and panels, with black text on yellow background, reads “WARNING: Insect copulation. Viewer discretion is advised.”
Panels one to three: two dung beetles, Egwunn (male) and Fecundity (female) are in a tunnel they dug to house their eggs; the tunnel is lit by a yellow light.
1. Egwunn is stroking Fecundity’s back and asks her, “Shall I put the firefly out?”
2. Fecundity turns to face him and replies, “Let’s leave the light on.”
3. Black silhouette of the two beetles having sex [“doggy style”].
Last panel: further up the tunnel is the firefly providing the illumination:
4. Facing the reader, Firefly exclaims, “Ew beetle sex! Why me?”


As Egwunn and Fecundity start their family, we catch up with Robot:

073-075-Dung Beetle and Robot - GRABBED lowres