TODAY’S WORD: The term for an insect penis is aedeagus.

Colour comic Dung Beetle And Robot

Colour comic strip in four panels. A box between title and panels, with black text on yellow background, reads “WARNING: Insect copulation. Viewer discretion is advised.”
Panels one to three: two dung beetles, Egwunn (male) and Fecundity (female) are in a tunnel they dug to house their eggs; the tunnel is lit by a yellow light.
1. Egwunn is stroking Fecundity’s back and asks her, “Shall I put the firefly out?”
2. Fecundity turns to face him and replies, “Let’s leave the light on.”
3. Black silhouette of the two beetles having sex [“doggy style”].
Last panel: further up the tunnel is the firefly providing the illumination:
4. Facing the reader, Firefly exclaims, “Ew beetle sex! Why me?”


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