Recess: Paving the Way for Pictures

Recess means we take a break and play; it’s important to do that once in a while.

Doubtless some of you will appreciate pictures of pavement more than others will. Not everyone finds photographing architectural bits like pavements, smokestacks or bridge buttresses to be fascinating (you don’t have to be autistic, but apparently it helps). I take photographs of such odd objects where-ever I travel.

This first was taken on the campus at Kansas State University, in Manhattan, Kansas (US): Read the rest of this entry »

The Glass Box

It’s a strange hollow, invisible kind of feeling. As though I could fade away just sitting there, because my own personal reality has so little bearing on what happens.

There it is again in the after-school period. Read the rest of this entry »


Solitude is something I have been much lacking of late. I work six days a week, and spend the evening hours and the remaining day catching up on domestic stuff. Meanwhile, I also have a variety of thoughts, assorted necessary bloggery, clogging up the generative pool in my head. Such cognitive log-jams need time and personal space to untangle. Hence the dearth of recent posts.

Solitude is not universally appreciated.

Here’s a really interesting dinner group: Aldous Huxley, Andy Warhol, Goethe, and Carl Rogers. Read the rest of this entry »

The Privilege of Being Clouted By Cabbage

Yesterday I went to the grocery store.

I wandered up and down the aisles, repeating a few aisles in my (typically ADHD-forgetful) journey to fetch the items on my list (and I still forgot a couple of items, despite using a list). I selected various pieces of produce and only had one head of cabbage leap from its cruciferous ziggurat to hurl itself at my feet. (I was examining a pineapple at the time – what is it with kamikaze produce?) I paid for my groceries, uneasily navigating volleys of largely meaningless chit-chat from an exuberantly loquacious checker. I loaded the bags of groceries into my vehicle, and drove home. Aren’t you thrilled.

Doing all that was possible because I am privileged to do so.

Privilege means Read the rest of this entry »