ABLEISM CARTOON: “Able As De Facto Standard”

ABLEISM CARTOON:  “Able As De Facto Standard”

ABLEISM Abled as standard 2018-01-09

Three people are talking in an office canteen. A balding man with a mustache, wearing a blue sportcoat and khaki trousers, is seated and assumes an air of superiority with hands behind head, saying, “Well I don’t have a problem.” A white Little Person woman who has bright-red hair, wearing a black dress and red shoes, is standing by a coffee table and says, “So it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone else?” A black woman wearing a purple leather jacket and colourful top, is seating on a bench, spreading her arms wide as she says, “Who made YOU the standard by which all others are judged?”


CARTOON: Dung Beetle and Robot No. 034-040 “Beetle Battles”

Dung Beetle and Robot No. 034-040 “Beetle Battles”

034-040-Dung Beetle and Robot-BEETLE BATTLES lowres