Sock It To Me

How to dress the Blur:

First, gather all the garments you need for the child.  At 20 months, the Blur has discovered the joy of pulling off his diaper and going nakee!, so overalls / dungarees are preferred.

Next, scoop up the Blur on his next round through local airspace.  Incentive for dressing can often be instilled if he’s interested in Going Bye-bye.  Aside from the usual parental gymnastics/wrestling pins normally required to clothe busy toddlers, this part isn’t too bad.

It was the socks that did in his mum.  (In my self-important grandmotherly role, I like to think I would have figured out the problem sooner, but that’s probably just bias.)

As mum brilliantly deduced after a few days, the Blur was distressed by the order of operations.  Mum does SOCK-shoe, SOCK-shoe.  Blur wants to be dressed SOCK-SOCK, shoe-shoe.  “Well of course,” I replied to her, “SOCK-SOCK, shoe-shoe is the right way to do it.  It’s even.” Mum begged to differ; naturally, she does her own footwear SOCK-shoe, SOCK-shoe.

(Oy vey; you’d think we had opened up an unexpected argument as important as the one regarding whether the toilet paper should be put on the spindle to unroll over the top, or from the back.)

This week there was another issue.  Apparently Blur was quite distressed because the sock seam was underneath his toes instead of on top.  “When he gets bigger, you can buy seamless socks,” I mentioned.  Alas, they cost a bit more, and are often tube socks, and some people can’t stand the way tube socks bunch on the front of the ankle, but Oh Well.

Toe seams bother me some, too.  On the rare days I wear pantyhose, I have to make sure the seam is atop my toes.  I also have one pair of heavy, slipper-like socks with pronounced seams, so I pad around the house with them inside-out.


Out of curiosity, I’ve questions for you all (accessory comments are encouraged):

1. Do you put on your footwear:

(a) SOCK-SOCK, shoe-shoe

(b) SOCK-shoe, SOCK-shoe

(c) whichever I grab first

(d) I don’t usually wear socks and/or shoes

2. Are sock seams bothersome enough for you that you have to either avoid some socks, or put them on a particular way?


  1. jana said,

    11 April 2011 at 15:23

    1. sock-sock, slipper-slipper, shoes don’t enter the picture until much later, if at all. 2. align seams to heal. 3. have loved your writing for years, though I have not checked your blog in awhile. It always cheers me up, thank you!

  2. 6 April 2011 at 15:21

    Hello, I discovered this blog via a Google for CAPD, and so many of your posts sound just like me! So I’ve enjoyed reading and relating :)

    1. Sock-Sock Shoe-Shoe as I usually put on socks when I first wake up, as I can’t stand ‘bits’ sticking to my feet (I wipe the soles of my socks before I put my shoes on, too). However if I put on socks just before I go out, it’s Sock-Shoe Sock-Shoe so I don’t get anything on my socks.

    2. Sock seams ALWAYS go on top of my toes, as do seams on tights (pantyhose).

  3. Sharon said,

    29 March 2011 at 2:15

    Very funny, I didn’t think anyone else thought about these things. So when I was a kid there was an “All In The Family” episode where Mike and Archie disagree about how to dress Archie- sock- sock, shoe- shoe and of course Mike was sock- shoe, sock- shoe. This was reason enough for me: sock- shoe, sock- shoe. I don’t care about seams but my son has a fit about them.
    Not sure where you are with the EDS but as a PT, I have seen a half dozen “Zebras” and not one has been like the other except hypermobile, otherwise, each has been a different degree and age.

  4. Kimberly said,

    11 March 2011 at 10:55

    Sock-Sock Shoe-Shoe definately, my housemate also laughs at me cause I fold them down precisely the same way every single time

    Seams on top everytime, and they both come off as soon as I am home, or otherwise able to remove them!

  5. Andrea S. said,

    11 March 2011 at 0:48

    Re, Ettina:

    I, too, prefer to remove my shoes when I can. I don’t do this at work or in public spaces. (Well, okay. In my old job when I sometimes used to work very very late, I did walk around the building barefooted after 7 pm when 98% of the offices were empty. But USUALLY I don’t do this! :-) ) But my shoes do tend to come off when I get home, usually right after getting my coat and scarf off (if in winter) and set down my backpack. My socks I usually leave on for a while longer, but eventually I end up barefooted. I only ever put socks on if I’m about to put shoes on and usually only put shoes on if I’m going out, not if I’m just hanging around at home.

  6. Jeni said,

    10 March 2011 at 21:17

    sock sock shoe shoe for me, with seams aligned, symetrical and in a non-irritating position. I can totally empathise with the blur, and the princess and the pea. Also, I always put on right first then left. My other half always does it the other way round and it makes shudders run up my spine just to watch him.

  7. Ettina said,

    10 March 2011 at 15:56

    Option d) – I hate wearing socks, and stopped as soon as my parents stopped forcing them on me. I also take my shoes off every time I sit down, because I find them just barely tolerable.

  8. Peter B said,

    10 March 2011 at 7:11

    98% of the time SOCK-SOCK, shoe-shoe. Mostly because I handle the socks first.

    Seams? This 70 yo grandfather never considered seams. Never noticed. [Takes slippers off. Looks for seam.] With my socks the seam goes in front. I put the sock heel and my foot heel together and the seams take care of themselves.

    If I accidentally buy socks with bothersome seams I will leave them at Goodwill and buy some comfortable socks.

  9. 10 March 2011 at 2:24

    1. SOCK-SOCK, shoe-shoe … of course!

    2. Sock seams don’t seem to bother me as a rule, at least not too much. I do sometimes twist the sock around if I find the seam has ended up in a position where I notice it enough to annoy … I guess on top of the toes, though I will have to pay attention the next time I put my socks on!

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