Have you asked Hoover?

“Lad, Dyson can’t play ball.”

My 20-month old grandson (AKA The Blur, because the active lad is “faster than a D-SLR” camera) loves vacuums.  A great deal.  The first time we ever saw him sit still for half an hour was when I first showed him some vacuum vids on You Tube.  Any mess of crumbs on the floor is promptly declared a “Me’h!” and requires attention with his push-sweeper. (No, piles of toy pieces strewn across the floor do not merit such attention.  This is a child, after all.)

A trip to Target should include 15 minutes at the end to browse their selection. “Vacuum! Vacuum! Vacuum!”

“You want to look at vacuums?”

“Pe’e? Pe’e? Vacuum! Vacuum! Vacuum!”

“Okay lad. Here, I’ll pick you up so you can see them better. This is a black Oreck, and that’s a red Dirt Devil, and a red Bissell.  The Eureka upright is yellow.  Here’s a grey Hoover canister, and an orange Dyson.”  Hey, everything’s a teaching opportunity, right?

The shrimp toast at our favorite Chinese restaurant was great, and so was their vacuum. We haven’t gotten to the “must see the potty everywhere we go” stage; we’re still stuck at the “must see the vacuum everywhere we go” stage — too bad not every restaurant accommodates the kid’s fascination. Not even the guy at the local vacuum shop quite understands it, although he did mention there was another boy who wanted to have his birthday party there.  Mum isn’t sure if the fact that there are You Tube vids of child vacuum collectors out there is reassuring or not. But taking a [clean, unused] vacuum attachment tool to crib with your teddy bear and blanket, well, that is odd.


“Lad, Dyson can’t play ball,” I tell my grandson.  At which point the boy picked up the tennis-size rubber ball and bounced it off the “Dyson Sphere”* of our Dyson DC25, and went chasing after it, to fetch and bounce again.

Vacuums can too, play ball!  I stand corrected.  I bet Hoover the canister vac will play ball, too.


If you too, have a vacuum enthusiast in your life, here are some You Tube vids that are popular at our house:

WALL*E and the vacuum [animation]

All Dysons Ever Made

Welcome to Vacuum Land, the site for the Vacuum Cleaner Collector’s Club www.vacuumland.org

19 month old Liisa vacuums

Inventing the Dyson ball

Vacuum collector 5 year old Aiden Atkins

Vacuum collector 10 year old Gregory Evans

Vacuum collector 12 year old Kyle Krichbaum


Vacuum Cleaner Museum – PART 1

Vacuum Cleaner Museum – PART 2

Vacuum Cleaner Museum – First vacuum

* The Dyson has a central ball wheel that allows for easier steering. Have I mentioned that the lad’s papa is a big Star Trek fan?  We’re a geeky bunch, for sure.



  1. andrea said,

    7 June 2011 at 18:41

    Ooh, thanks for the idea! He’s still very fond of vacuums; we nabbed an old Hoover upright at a garage sale for him, and I’ve my grandma’s Dirt Devil handheld hidden in the linen closet for his birthday.

  2. Andromeda said,

    5 June 2011 at 14:44

    Hey, you might also want to check out The Brave Little Toaster (movie) for him. There’s a vacuum as one of the main characters. :)

  3. 26 February 2011 at 21:39

    I don’t know if I should be more alarmed at a child taking a vacuum piece to bed with him or at the fact that there are so *many* videos that feed into this obsession! LOL!

    At least he is not any geekier than anyone else in the household :-)

    • andrea said,

      27 February 2011 at 3:16

      Hey, those are just a few of the vids out there…

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