The Goldfish are back!

So today when I was stocking groceries, I found some more evidence of malfeasance.  This time it was not a compromised package with the seal broken or contents used, but rather, groceries abandoned in odd places.  (Thankfully, not perishables, like lunch meat stuck behind cookies, or yogurt tubs amongst the baking tins, ugh.)

This time, it was a russet potato and a couple of yellow potatoes left on the bottom shelf underneath the peg racks of razors.

“Must be them Bad Goldfish again,” I mumbled to myself.   Apparently they thought you could peel taters with a disposable razor!  Stupid goldfish.

So why were the potatoes left there?

Because goldfish have short memories, of course.

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  1. Paul said,

    18 October 2010 at 12:14


    I can’t find anywhere to send you a message and hope this is an ok place to contact you.
    I just wondered if it is possible to tell you about the new campaign – Vision 2020 – for In Control the charity I work with have launched.

    I have posted this on an old article to that I’m not trying to promote indirectly through your comments. I also didnt want to be cheeky and leave a link here. Would it be possible to send you some information about the campaign?

    thanks and kind regards
    Paul Ferguson

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