Weather’s here, wish you were fine

Summer sucks.  I hate the heat, the humidity, the sizzling sun boring into my head, unpeeling my limbs from each other, the restless nights spent searching futilely for a cool spot on the sheets and being sleepless for the lack of the comforting weight of blankets, the lack of appetite, the omnipresent glare, the complete lack of energy … it’s depressing, and won’t get better until fall weather arrives in late September.  I don’t even have the respite of an alpine vacation to look forward to.

Raynaud’s is weird; my toes and thumbs can still go numb, even when I’m hot.  WTF?!

Plus, now I have a head cold, the whole sniffly-scratchy throat-more aches-feel crappy routine.

“How can you have a cold?” asked my coworker yesterday, “It’s summer!”

“Back in the 20th century, they discovered that cold are caused by viruses, not by cold weather,” I sniffed.  (OMG, now I’m officially Old, I’m saying, “back in the 20th century”.)

“I’m just kidding,” he grinned.

Oh, right.  I realised that about the time he said it.  Nothing new there, either.  (File under: Aspergers, misses jokes.)

My sunglasses broke.  Things around the house keep breaking (kitchen drawer track, drawer pull, cabinet front, bathroom ceiling paint, tub’s chipped, towel rack needs to be masticked back on, kitchen needs painting, bedroom needs painting, kitchen flooring’s gouged, back patio’s settling, double pane-windows are fogged up, ad nauseam).  And the thermostat is broken and won’t set the air conditioning below 83°F.

The cats keep fighting.  My son can’t find a job.  And my daughter is nine months pregnant and belly-aching, as is every pregnant woman’s right.  But the house is hot and none of us are sleeping well.


But, a good distraction is the latest Circus of the Spineless, over at Bug Girl’s blog!


  1. krishanna said,

    4 June 2009 at 16:55

    I hate summer too. My pain level increases and every little thing annoys to pee out of me. I just saw some weird things on TV called Polar Snaps…I wonder if they’d help… Whatcha think?

  2. qw88nb88 said,

    2 June 2009 at 14:56

    We have ceiling fans and box fans and personal fans running. At night when it’s cooler outside than in, we run the attic fan. We even bought a children’s wading pool, and people wander in and out of it to cool down our feet. A technician is due to come out on the 10th; let’s hope the situation is easily remedied.


  3. 2 June 2009 at 13:14

    I hate it when my sunglasses broke, its awful driving without sunglasses.

    As far as sleeping – try getting a fan. It really helps me sleep with its hot and humid!

  4. shiva said,

    1 June 2009 at 23:27

    I must have sensory issues the opposite way round from you (I’m absolutely loving the heatwave in England at the moment), but i can sympathise, because of the hell that winter is for me (sort of like how the trans women i know sympathise with the body dysphoria of trans men and vice versa, even though on a superficial level it’s the exact opposite).

    And the weight of blankets thing affects me too. My usual solution is sleeping in a sleeping bag on my bed, rather than using sheets. (In fact, in winter i often use a sleeping bag under a double duvet, with the sides of the duvet tucked underneath my single mattress, for extra pressure/movement-restriction. Dunno if that’s an autism thing, an HMS thing, or a bit of both.)

    The prevalence of colds in the winter rather than the summer is, AFAIK, partly due to people’s immune systems being weaker in the winter, and partly due to people spending more time indoors, giving viruses more opportunity to spread from person to person. You might want to check whether yours actually is a viral “cold”, rather than a plant allergy…

  5. Fleecy said,

    1 June 2009 at 22:19

    I also dislike summer. Too-high temperatures have a strange and bad tendency to make my sinuses go berserk, I don’t know why but it’s very annoying. And the glare. The glare sucks. Too bright. Too many bugs, too. I like autumn best. It’s a nice in-between for temperatures, less bugs, and everything changes colors so that is nice to look at.

    Things always seem to break all at once, don’t they? Especially large appliances. I know it’s just coincidence. I wonder if it’d be less annoying to have things break down one at a time, but then SOMETHING would always be broken…

    Sorry there are so many problems, and no good sleep on top of that. That really sucks.

  6. 1 June 2009 at 21:28

    Oh dear :(

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