Going Mobile

Here, grab a cuppa and settle down, and I’m going to tell you a story … oh, pass me those scissors; I’m going to work on this quilt, too.

Once Upon A Time,

a long, long time ago (well, 25 years ago, but that’s before some of you were born), there was a bunch of disabled people who were tired of waiting around for some Fairy Godmother to grant them wishes, because you know, like that’s gonna happen! Nowadays we might call them folks, “uppity crips”, and boy howdy were they “uppity”! Why, they wanted crazy stuff, like being able to ride public transit. Yesiree!

So.  This is the story: Those folks got together and started PROTESTING, using civil disobedience.  (You have to admit, it’s pretty dang clever using sit-ins and such, especially for some folks who come with their own chairs!  NO, they didn’t all use chairs all the time; accessibility is about lots of things, not just parking spaces and curb cuts.)  Anyway, these folks created ADAPT, which stood for American Disabled for Accessible Public Transit.

(Moment’s pause to re-thread needle.)

Well, that took a few years, but it worked so well, they weren’t going to stop there! So they decided that the next important thing they were going to focus on was getting personal attendant care.  As you all know, when rich people have personal attendant care, they’re envied, but when disabled people have personal attendant care, they’re pitied and told they just need to Try Harder.  Yeah, right.  So they tweaked that great ADAPT acronym to stand for American Disabled For Attendant Programs Today. Clever, innit?

Well part of that greater purpose to having personal care is being able to get out of institutions and get back into one’s own home, or being able to stay in one’s own home, or even to get into one’s own home for the first time ever.  That’s right, some folks have never-ever had a real home of their own, where they can eat what and when they want, and decorate the way they like, and have friends over when they want, and have all those other everyday discretions that so many of us take for granted.

(Pour me a cuppa tea, would you please?)

Well, ADAPT is still busy at this, because getting federal action and funding is like moving mountains. Or maybe glaciers; because a ten-year effort is as slow as glacier movement.  But anyway. Now they’re preparing for another action toward the Community Choice Act.  That means they want to get some of the Medicaid funding to be used for giving people support in their own homes and communities, instead of requiring them to be in institutions for Medicaid funding. Oh yeah, The National Council for Independent Living also has information on this.

But, times change!  Instead of things run on mimeograph or photocopiers, ADAPT is “going mobile”, pun intended.  They’re sending out text messages!  Here, you check out this Public Service Announcement, while I pin together my blocks:

ADAPT is going to DC!  Stay informed up to the minute
no matter where you are!

ADAPT is going to be in Washington, DC, September 13th-18th!

Have you always wanted to know what ADAPT was doing?  Do you want real time quick updates instead of waiting for the full-story press release after the dust has settled?  Do you want to know when vital new info has been posted on the web regarding ADAPT’s actions? Well, have we got the thing for you!

NationalADAPT has established an account on “Twitter”.  Twitter is a free service that will allow us to communicate instantly with activists across the nation through the web and through text messages to cell phones. Get All the latest info and even more importantly, share it with your friends, family, coworkers, activists and even your enemies!

Here’s how:
Sign up for Twitter and to follow National ADAPT by using this link.

You will need to create a username and a password and enter the code that appears on the screen.  If you are blind, or have low vision, you may need someone enter the code for you because your screen reader will not be able to read the code, and the audio is of poor quality (sorry, beyond our control).

Spread the message to your friends:

After you have clicked on I Accept, you’ll be asked to invite friends to use Twitter.  You can suggest they follow NationalADAPT, or skip this for now.

Turn on your mobile:
You can always check NationalADAPT’s updates on the web version of Twitter, but we are really encouraging activists across the country to get our text messages on their phone to know when anything important happens with ADAPT actions between September 13th and 18th.

Click on option 3-turn on your mobile phone.  Enter your info and give it permission to send text messages to your phone.  After you enter your information, you will be taken to a page where you’ll need to verify that your phone is on.  Twitter will ask you to send a specific code to 40404.

To do this, you can create a new contact in your phone address book (you can call it Twitter) and enter the number that they provide. It’s a 5-digit number. There are also some letters on the page. Send a text to the number, entering the letters exactly as you see them.  You will receive a confirmation that your phone is on.

Get National ADAPT updates on your phone:

After that, click on the link that says Home. It’s near the top right on the screen. It will take you back to the National ADAPT Twitter page, and give you the option to turn on your device (phone) to receive updates. Please click on the on button so that you can receive updates.

You should now be all set to get updates on your mobile phone!  Stay in touch AND LET OTHERS KNOW what ADAPT is doing as it happens!


Chris Hilderbrant
Rochester ADAPT

Yes, of course I’ll have more news on it. Won’t this just be so cool?!


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    12 September 2008 at 22:32

    Yes, it was in the second link:


  2. Ettina said,

    12 September 2008 at 22:08

    Does ADAPT have a website, and if so, what’s the URL?

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