In Which We Stop by the Letters E and A

(Thankfully this is a much pleasanter alphabetic tour than when we visited the Letter D or the Letter R.)

I am pleased to announce that I have had TWO awards bestowed upon me!  (“Aw, shucks…” she blushes.)  So without further ado (because these are inadvertantly WAY overdue), I would like to explain them, give my own nominations, and importantly, add in an extra stipulation.

Ideally, I would add in some lovingly-crafted paragraphs describing intriguing details as to why each of my nominees so deserved the award.  Alas, I am up against a deadline from a college secretary who needs my handout masters for copying, and we all know that making secretaries annoyed is very bad form.  Instead, I shall aim for a few tantalising adjectives and let you enjoy discovering some new, fabulous blogs! Read the rest of this entry »