A few updates

The 92nd Edition of the Skeptic’s Circle is up, and The Lay Scientist gives us the latest press conference news as given by the Team Skeptic Manager Martin, from the state-of-the-art Olympic training facility in Beijing!  Prepare to be amazed — but never bamboozled.

The July issue of the Pain-blog Carnival is now up at How to Cope With Pain blog.  Readers share a variety of subjective experiences and treatment information.

Speaking of things painful, I put up a couple of photographs I modified to demonstrate some of the visual disturbances I experience during migraines.  Due to the trigger potential, I put these on a special page.  (The images are described for those with impaired vision.)  Alas, the Kid was laid flat by a migraine today — the preventative meds certainly help reduce the numbers of attacks, but they don’t completely eliminate them.  However, he reports that the new medication is a definite improvement over the old one, wooziness notwithstanding. A quiet “Hooray” for this encouraging news.

And although the timing isn’t quite “news” anymore, it’s not so late for it to be “olds”, so do check out the 42nd Disability Blog Carnival over at Pitt Rehab, where Greg gives us a break from the usual busyness for some summery relaxation at the beach, and plenty of great links.

As for me, I have to blame day-long teacher training class all week for my dearth of posting.  It’s been really good, but so intense — having to sit and focus on attending, listening, and learning for hours on end is hard.  Every day I run an errand right after class, and then come home to crash for a 20-minute catnap for my brain to do some filing before I can even think about cooking dinner.  The fatigue is a good reminder of what it’s like for all our students!

(Now if only the tinnitus would Shut Up.)

P.S.  Time to play ADD hide-and-seek: if you were a $100 calculator left in some random location by a teenager, where would you be?

P.P.S.  We already checked the breadbox.


  1. Lunch Admin. said,

    6 August 2008 at 20:21

    The calculator is underneath a sweatshirt, 3 overdue Netflicks movies and a paper folder containing a receipt for a Southwest Airlines flight to Newark – and this pile (calculator hidden from view as last item underneath) would be on top of the fridge – but not the regular fridge in the kitchen – no no – I’m talking about the old fridge in the garage that the teenager’s family hopes to get rid of someday – maybe at a garage sale.

  2. Jannalou said,

    5 August 2008 at 3:24

    My boyfriend once lost a book. He’d put it in the dishes cupboard.

    Honestly… could be literally anywhere, knowing how our non-standard brains work.

  3. kaleidoscoperefractions said,

    1 August 2008 at 4:34

    How about if you’re a pair of glasses that will cost $400 to replace? And you’ll only be needed for 4 months because insurance covers new ones in Jan?

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