“Danger Will Robinson, Danger!”

Sigh.  My laptop is in the shop.  So, cannot share new insect pix, and am working through convoluted annoyances getting classwork and job apps done.  Meanwhile, I was stuck waiting for someone …

Uh-oh, I discovered the fab crafts at Etsy, and there are more insect-themed prints-clothes-jewelry-et cetera than you can shake a stick at.  I don’t mean just the usual kitschy hair-clips, stuffed animals, aprons and tee shirts; they also have very nice cufflinks, neckties, beaded chain mail, steampunk type stuff, capacitor insects, necklaces made of resistors

I don’t need any coasters.  But dang! You gotta love someone who not only crafts nice things, but also is so literate:  “Karl von Frisch Coasters” found at theseawithin’s shop. (Karl von Frisch was the ethologist who deciphered the honeybees’ waggle dance.)

Wow.  Geek out to your heart’s content; I have reports to write.