“i’m going to ghana, why take garlic pill”

Now if you guessed that cryptic headline means this is another issue of Weird Search Terms, then you’re right! (I’ve plenty of serious posts to write, but am not feeling spiffy, so I’m posting this instead.)

For those of you who aren’t familiar with such, about once a month I make “Dada-ist” poems out of the most peculiar weird search terms that landed people to my blog. (Each line is a different term; the Web seems to be used by a lot of very odd people.) These are guaranteed to stretch your brain all out of shape, so set your Grammar Editor aside, and engage the Willing Suspension of Disbelief.

  • it was a dark and stormy night
  • casual conversation for aspergers
  • star trek galaxy class wallpaper
  • change of barometric pressure causes
  • stimming in normal children
  • how to make a phone call in 70 easy steps
  • cats drawing
  • port stain birthmark metaphysical meaning
  • insects are our friends
  • words disabled people don’t mind hearing
  • superstitions ain’t the way
  • inclusion in the 4th grade classroom
  • need more chocolate brownie
  • why i would be a good counselor for
  • arachnids and tics
  • speaks well, high scores in tests poorly
  • stimming spinning strategies
  • signed I+love+you
  • bedroom bugs
  • tatty titties
  • overcoming inertia
  • how can i see what it looks like
  • booster box vs fat pack strategies
  • shocking but unbelievably true about cat
  • accessory answer-processing
  • overload my internet connection
  • modem
  • in arthralgic pain
  • is fast forword worth the money?
  • prove your a human answer this question
  • advert aba seeking therapist
  • how to draw
  • road kill
  • brown and white hamsters with spots
  • why so much hate against mega
  • mickey mouse outline
  • what other kinds of support are available
  • do they have any cds to help ringing in
  • cicadas buzzing about
  • green long jawed orb spiders
  • answering statistics questions
  • my daughter has a hard time following mu
  • IEP+writing+strategies+and
  • lacewings maternal care
  • can fairies help other people
  • know how to curve grade
  • if you suddenly turned a rock over and
  • large black insect
  • name the sensory gang in
  • hominid ecological adaptations
  • for how long do we have to reward
  • a fairy godmother turning a dog to a
  • magazine side
  • cat drawing
  • does pain in my ear mean my tinnitus is
  • “blue people” or “
  • auditory processing and clumsiness
  • reality bites means
  • leaky faucet
  • how to face noise of students in the
  • instructional packing carton
  • emotional chaos remembered in tranquil
  • 3 panel cartoon
  • do first grade students react better to
  • adhd and messiness
  • shiny green beetle
  • not able to check pressure
  • weird or gross facts to use in math class
  • strange little insects love to eat paper
  • bologna grading normal distribution
  • kids stand around mall illegal in
  • shiny green heart shaped pants
  • bridge load limits of
  • mutant people
  • blue graphing grids sticky notes for
  • asperger infinity
  • ways to annoy your classmate
  • diseased geranium plant and
  • messy caterpillar
  • correct way to take different kinds of
  • bad things about phonics
  • epidemiology of cruelty
  • how to annoy a so called friend
  • nervous system overload in
  • people having problems in processing
  • black beetle coming in house
  • to learn how to crip for help in cartoon
  • kids project create scorpion
  • pirate
  • red beardtongue
  • fiery hunter
  • learn four letters with cat
  • why cliffhangers
  • about butterflies breaking out of
  • glass box at work
  • i got bitten by a black fuzzy spider with
  • acme anvil
  • wasps prays
  • no-stick surface broke
  • parallels between grooming in apes and
  • pennsylvania department of education
  • nasty voice mail message
  • i don’t care if it is a tape dispenser
  • re-enter this field using numeral
  • fairy dust
  • inertia critical thought
  • pearls before swine
  • things to do when you have a holiday
  • list of celebrities with asperger
  • drawing
  • cloud cats
  • kansas state campus
  • audiologists testing for
  • physics of weed
  • how do i make more eye contact with a
  • silhouette drawing of:
  • blue and green shiny insects
  • i can get dressed in
  • niche for cetaceans
  • i’m going to ghana, why take garlic pill
  • people with 2 out of 3 strikes
  • oxy morons about statistics
  • leading questions for testimonials
  • illiteracy is the home for superstitious
  • mercury testing by hair samples for
  • bad counseling
  • why are all the bees butterflies?
  • what do 88 butterflies eat
  • eggs from bread and circus
  • 9 chickweed
  • sandwich man
  • can i use the mixer to knee pasta dough?


  1. Red said,

    31 January 2012 at 20:54

    I aupalpd you for your bravery and advocacy to a topic no one wants to touch. I wish I could help but good luck in getting these places shut.

  2. 21 August 2009 at 20:00

    […] Silly, Specific Learing Difficulties, Technology, Weird, Weird Search Terms Inspired by Andrea, I’ve made a free verse poem out of various search terms people have used to find my blog in the […]

  3. Ettina said,

    21 May 2008 at 4:27

    “what do 88 butterflies eat”

    88 times what one butterfly eats!

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