12 Ways to Annoy Your Asperger’s / Autistic Pal

(Not in order of importance.)

1. Make chit-chat about events in the news related to sports, celebrities or other obscure pop-culture subjects before the first cup of tea or coffee.

2. Insist on eating out at Chuck-E-Cheese or a similar place full of flashing lights, competing noises, and crowds of loud, shrieking children running around.

3. Serve them a meal composed entirely of new, unfamiliar dishes.

4. “Hey– hey– space cadet — snap out of it!”

5. Schedule a trip with social events all day and evening long.

6. Announce that anyone who can’t tolerate certain kinds of fabric or clothing styles is just being picky

9. Install a major software update (or change other settings on their computer software) because you think it will “make their life easier”.

10. Give them a surprise birthday party after a long day at work (school).

7. Put things out of order.

11. Dismiss their special interest as being stupid.

12. Deprive them of internet access.