The last time I posted my Weird Search Terms as dada-ist poems, I thought to myself, why should I have all the fun? This time I’m posting my WST in a list for you to enjoy.

Make some poems of your own (as many as you like), and post them in the Comments section! For convenience, I have separated these into rough categories of queries/statements, subjects, verbs, objects, et cetera. Do NOT limit yourself to using them in this order! TIP: It’s fun to turn gerunds back into verbs.


(contemplating how butterflies can have “pointy ears” when they don’t really have “ears”; some moths have tympanal membranes on their thorax or abdomen … maybe they’re Vulcan butterflies…)


  • what is the things hurt your brain
  • i dont care if she is a tape dispenser i
  • what happens if my child swallowed a leg
  • does weather effect on us when we have
  • how to prove if a robot is or not
  • how to remove phlegm in young childre
  • problems faced by the children who hav
  • how to stone sidewalk
  • how come my daughter has a difficult tim
  • is tolerance a good thing?
  • “ooh! shiny”
  • why do butterflies have pointy ears
  • quelle horreur
  • im just going thru motions
  • im not walking funny
  • can butterflies harm humans
  • whats the difference between cured and
  • ooh
  • how can a viceroy butterfly stand the he
  • what makes a bad counselor
  • how do the bases put their hands in a
  • i have broad shoulders
  • please prove you are human math problems
  • it seems for success in arts science
  • what can i do to make my arm stop hurtin
  • oops spilled coffee gym
  • can you drive with turettes
  • wow, you’re the first person to ask me
  • m.c. escher
  • blue people
  • hummingbird moths
  • hobbes calvin
  • perspective cat
  • rat student
  • mantis larva
  • winged aphids nose
  • red hair stranger
  • line of people
  • disabled women and motherhood
  • eusocial wasps
  • beauty in latin america
  • gorbachev effect
  • leila lingerie
  • mammographer
  • blue butterfly
  • drunken pi
  • autism fishing habit
  • head feels like it is going to throw
  • help to get dressed
  • phone thrown out window
  • pastes pearls
  • dealing with scatterbrained co-workers
  • draw animal
  • mega churchfund raising
  • goldfish drawing
  • critical thinking argument from un
  • noises echo in head
  • do deaf learn complexities of
  • how to remember names
  • slow internet
  • run out of migraine pills?
  • something to coat into costume jewellery
  • randomly passing out
  • perceive
  • calvin and hobbes thank you
  • aids for stimming in neurotypical children
  • nurse is getting cured
  • cat shot
  • short cartoons
  • 2 strikes you’re out shirt
  • seedling holder
  • rectifying teen struggles?
  • tmj pillow sucks
  • “cure for blossom end rot”
  • stimming educational
  • description of discrimination cart
  • matilda reinforces stereotype
  • animal draw
  • constant squeal in head
  • empty voice mail
  • develop an argument supporting that
  • “open classroom”
  • plates spinning on sticks
  • classroom activities for hyperactive ham
  • everything sounds robotic
  • three strikes in hair
  • help a client to make changes in there
  • control visual noise
  • cats to draw
  • animal farm processing activity
  • spray paint letters
  • functioning level
  • unnecessary restrictions fallacy
  • ovaries on a pig
  • concept of beauty in latin america
  • grass boots
  • awesome tee shirt
  • speech therapist’s story of
  • cat pee on stove
  • multiplication whoppers
  • green tea tinnitus
  • dumpling skin
  • ideas for animateurs
  • women’s monarch butterfly swimsuit
  • late for school
  • chalk beds
  • tea making equipment
  • odd titties
  • essay about rush hour traffic
  • haircuts
  • humanistic perspective of punishment and
  • moebius illustrations
  • bug michigan orange black
  • school desks
  • bugs and bees story times
  • aspie clothing
  • beetle common house large
  • ragged stripe
  • fescennine behaviors
  • “photon in the darkness”
  • periodic table
  • lesson plan for middle school for non-
  • autism quackery
  • industrial toilets for kids
  • clothes tag irritation
  • four letter f words
  • in chair circulation
  • kansas state campus
  • sea level
  • butterflies of new england
  • temple university slow internet
  • mexico in verbal or
  • villa lateral
  • machine shop
  • asperger or just a man


  1. Bev said,

    16 April 2008 at 2:52

    What things hurt your brain?
    Blue people, motherhood,
    short cartoons
    of random passing out?

    Drunken pi,
    phone thrown out the window.
    In verbal villa lateral
    the “spray paint fallacy?”

    No. Just machine shop,
    sea level, school desk.

    Four letter “f”words.
    How to remember
    what makes a bad or a robot.
    And I don’t care if she is.

  2. 15 April 2008 at 17:59

    It’s an awful confession that I knows,
    for having an opinion goes
    Everything that ..
    That I don’t know what a gerund is,
    Nor all that shakespeherian biz
    And whether it gazunder
    Than Bourgeois gentil Jourdain were
    of his ability in prose
    La viand rose.

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