lego scorpion surgically remove broad shoulders

Don’t I feel special – my blog seems to be a sink for a great many weird search terms. Owing to a long week full of short sleeps, I’m posting this mind-bending nonsense for today, and will resume usual blogging again tomorrow.

This time I have put them into “dada-ist” poetic form. Each line is a different search term that landed someone to my blog [sic]. This is even better than wee “poetry magnets”, because I get a bunch of different phrases each time!

Hat tip to Bev who came up with the idea after one of my earlier Weird Search Term posts.

lego scorpion
surgically remove broad shoulders
people that got shot in the arm
a condition in which a person has no rot

where can i find logical falacies in the
punishment and rewards
how to force a girl to make eye contact
judge rottenberg center
don’t by maslow
laing knows they are not having fun

de-stress ideas fro
video of how to pass out sperms without
paper butterflies syndrome children

i hate shopping
what is tinted paint
what happens if we have a cold, and
disabled person overcomes all odds
drawing cats
on a stick man cartoon

how do parents deal with their not being
replacement behavior for not following
teachers of the deaf working with
insects buzzing in wall at night
passing out
pearls before swine

how to draw something gross
good sitting
chintz furniture
complete recovery
nude lingerie pink scarf airplane

people are ok i prefer bits of
criss cross applesauce and
sandwich board

accessibility counselor
crip strikes back
repeating words after saying them
ooh shiny
the pleasure of you company is requested
mutant people

can i be a fairy
the words got in the way
prove you’re real
fun stuff / love
bedroom bugs

strategies to eliminate stimming
causes of autism or asperger anxious
what causes buzzing in a child ear
lunch room decibles
fluorescent lighting sound squealing
stress coping strategies
child lining things up in rows
drawing butterflies and bees
stimulating conversation topics
all about copy machines

someone traveling by plane
who has near perfect auditory recall
greek beauty toes longer
sitting in chair hurts leg
disabled woman models
butterfly wings
workout for hypermobility

andrea name in skulls drawing
advantages making eye contact
prove your a human
things that improve with age
strategies for coping with dyscalculia

bee buzzing around a beautiful garden
teaching methods of fractions
caterpillar learning
what accomodations can be used for a 504
school coping strategies for children wi
house insects
inside glass box

is there such a insect that looks like
polka dot cartoon
wheelchair “rumba panties”
will god punish women for wearing slacks
yours truly lingerie

shiny cats
passing out
tube sock projects for kids with autism
“they are playing a game”
team building exercise toilet paper
wasps nests

sign the end is near
medical quackery + special education
bad counselling experience with
bread levels in autistic children
natural cure for ear acks
hole hormons multiple-choice
cola poisoning arthritis
othering, disability
what do you tell the mother of a child w
the vaccination superstition
quackery to adopt
anti vaccine support group topeka kansas

disabled cats london
identifying people with dyslexia
lightning bugs
jumping spiders
training session
how to act around people with tourettes

i heard someone else complimenting it
adhd strategies
gifted aspergers prosopagnosia


  1. 14 April 2008 at 22:00

    […] April 2008 at 22:00 (Humor/ Fun Stuff) The last time I posted my Weird Search Terms as dada-ist poems, I thought to myself, why should I have all the fun? This time I’m posting my WST in a list […]

  2. seahorse said,

    29 March 2008 at 23:28


  3. Bug Girl said,

    29 March 2008 at 22:36

    I really like this format. It’s beautiful!

  4. Grace said,

    29 March 2008 at 10:53

    That is all kinds of awesome.

  5. 29 March 2008 at 10:02

    David Bowie’s gonna want to sing this on his next album, methinks ;)

  6. 29 March 2008 at 7:26

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