Unnecessary Redundancies

Since a previous post on My Favourite Oxymorons (and other “woo”) was so well-received, here’s one on redundant repetitions. (Thanks to some of my literate readers who answered with replies giving some of these exact same redundant pleonasms!)

What a busy day it has been! Two long tutoring sessions followed by company for dinner; it’s all like such an imaginary dream.

Because of her past history with forgetting to completely finish assignments, one of my students with ADD & ADHD and I cooperated together to determine what her normal everyday homework study schedule would be. This took a while, as she kept having sudden impulses to do things like verify the actual true ISBN number of the fiction book she was writing her essay report on. (At this point, I reminded her to back up everything (manuscript documents, photograph pictures and et cetera) from the classroom PC computers onto CD disks.) She’s also rather loquaciously verbose, and kept getting sidetracked by telling stories about her other classes. As part of her Bachelor’s degree, she needs a computer course, and she described with specific details how the instructor began to start with the basic fundamentals of BASIC code, which was a relief to her and her fellow colleagues, as the more advanced Read the rest of this entry »