One of Those Days

Last night I heard one of the cats gacking but haven’t found the mess yet.

I removed the ornaments a few days ago, but the tree is still up.

Is it too late to send Christmas cards?

I keep forgetting to schedule a haircut.

I dropped a Pyrex dish full of green beans and it shattered all over the floor.

Two messy pans and nine ruined crêpes later, I gave up and left the family to eat the ham with Swiss cheese sauce on toast-or-whatever. How come alla sudden I can’t cook crêpes?

Dishwasher still needs to be repaired.

I also need to finish painting the hallway.

I went to go soak my infected toe and achy joints in a hot bath and realised that the tub needs caulking all over again.

Tomorrow I will wear the suede loafers that don’t need polishing and the slacks that don’t need hemming. We will pretend the shirt doesn’t have a bleach splotch on the cuff.

I sure hope a button doesn’t fall off my shirt a second time this week.

I really hope the undiscovered cat gack isn’t in one of those loafers.

Some days the best thing to do is to put the Good Fight on hold and go to bed.   The world will still be there when I lurch back out of bed tomorrow.