Smack me upside the head

Now I remember why I used to thump my head on the wall.  Or smack my skull with the base of my hand.  Because sometimes doing so would interrupt the sudden, sharp feeling like I’d been axed in the right parietal bone (above the ear).  I’m not talking self-injurous episodes of head-bashing, just carefully-applied sudden pressure. The good news is that after several repeats of these episodes, I realised that for all its unexpected intensity, the Blitzkrieg of headaches is also brief and naturally passes after a minute.  The bad news is that the “ice-pick headache” variety of migraine will repeat a number of times during the course of a day (one can understand why trepanning seemed like a reasonable treatment once-upon-a-time).  Hot bath didn’t work. Time to crawl in bed. Better unpack an Imitrex from its devilish over-packaging in case things don’t improve. This better Go Away — I have a wall to finish painting, and other things to do on my first day off school.  Blargh.