The Bee That Roared

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I’m quite flattered to have received the “Roar for Powerful Words” Award from abfh. This award, initiated by the Shameless Lions Writing Circle, is to “encourage and celebrate good, powerful writing on the Internet / blogosphere”. It is given to “those people who have blogs we love, can’t live without, where we think the writing is good and powerful.” Each person giving the award then gets to select “three things they believe are necessary to make writing good and powerful” and nominate five deserving people. You’ll need to visit abfh’s blog, Whose Planet Is It Anyway? to read her own descriptions of good and powerful writing, and to learn of her other nominees.

For my own qualifiers, I believe that good, powerful writing originates from someone who is authentic to their own experiences, is clear on their own vision for what the world should be like, and is both thoughtful and articulate in expressing these things.

All of these bloggers have ATTITUDE. There’s not a “compliant”, unduly self-abnegating wallflower amongst them, bless their wicked little souls. They have words and they know how to use them, both the four-letter kind and the four-syllable kind. A thoroughly diverse group of bloggers, each has a different perspective on their particular interests. If you’re not familiar with them, I suggest reading a couple weeks’ worth of posts, to get a good feel for the subjects covered (none of these people are shy about posting a rant now and then, but rants don’t a blog make).

In alphabetical order (because otherwise trying to organise this bunch would prolly be like herding cats):

Cilla Sluga at Big Noise

Ms. Crip Chick

Joel Smith at NTs Are Weird

Shiva at Biodiverse Resistance

Wheelchair Dancer

You folks ROCK!