(Thank you)

Things I’m thankful for: our eldest’s honey was able to get out of the hospital to have Thanksgiving dinner with us. Not only does this provide us with a new resource for stories (the joy and annoyance of families is the oft-repeated stories), but also someone else to talk with about science and science fiction and gaming and politics, or watch episodes of CSI.

Having a guest means that the all my cooking seems even more worthwhile, and the food gets eaten up more effectively. Having someone extra also provides the necessary impetus to motivate the others in the household to pick up and clean, which I appreciate, even if no one else does. And of course, having a guest means that the four cats have no lack of people to bug for attention, including door-opening service.

With as many computers as people and wireless access, there’s nearly always someone online at some point or another. This is normal for us. Of course, with this holiday-sanctioned break from schoolwork, the kid has been online reading boards or gaming a lot of the time. This morning I was serving up breakfast casserole, and suggested, “Come eat at the table with us; be social.”

Aspie kid’s reply came from the other side of the big computer desk chair, “I was social yesterday.”

This is true; last night the normally-reticent kid’s verbal output nearly matched that for the entire week. So breakfast chatter isn’t on the kid’s menu. That’s okay; there’s still fun social activities like going to the bookstore or a movie. Dunno if that’s what other people do for Thanksgiving, but we’re having fun in our own geeky way. Happy holiday to the other Americans out there!