A Week Too Long

It’s been a very, very l-o-n-g week. The kid was off school for two days with a migraine that required IV meds to break. I got rear-ended in a three-car pile-up while waiting at a red light (I’m okay, and so is the car, structurally). The kids at school have been super-squirrelly, as only 30 students (all of whom have major emotional & behavioural problems) can be, so the staff are stressed. It’s also been cold in the mornings, and not surprisingly, NO one wants to crawl out of bed and go anywhere.

But, we’ve still one more day of the work week (two for me, as I’m tutoring on Saturday). So for everyone out there struggling to get going in the morning, here’s a sympathy picture. This is one of our cats, Spot, (named after Data’s cat, from Star Trek Next Generation, of course):



  1. 20 November 2007 at 19:12

    Hehehe. He looks a bit like Spot, too.

  2. 16 November 2007 at 11:37

    Awwwww! *Heart melts*

    Are you familiar with Lady Bracknell? She has two cats and is frequently fond of posting pictures of them. She also, at the moment, has a link to an adorable video of a bird dancing!


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