So I’ve been painting walls, which is something I actually enjoy doing. I pace myself, and switch hands frequently to keep from wearing out too fast. This is the second room of the current painting spree, which means that it’s been nearly a month since I bought the can of paint, along with the other necessary miscellany one ends up getting from a trip to the hardware store. Before I could start painting the room, I had to spackle in a gazillion holes, because it used to be inhabited by a teenage girl who had naturally put up dozens of posters and postcards and drawings over the years, leaving the walls riddled with push-pin holes in much the same manner that the moon is riddled with craters.

That break in time partly explains why I ended up with the wrong color of paint and didn’t notice until I’d applied it to two walls. I’d already painted the foyer and half the stairwell, and by then was in that Zen mode of peaceful mindless working. It’s also a similar color to what I’d painted a room in another house, so it seemed familiar in an acceptable way. Plus, it was really close to one of the colors I’d planned on using. I was going to paint most of the walls a creamy 7003-11 Muslin Wrap, and a single wall in a nook a pale turquoise 5003-7A Harbor Mist.

The paint that was given to me was a 7005-11 Mint Spritzer. 7005-11 and 7003-11 are very similar numbers, and Mint and Mist are similar names. Given that I was picking up a bunch of stuff and had spent the paint-mixing time looking over wallpaper border samples, I didn’t notice the mixup. The store puts a wee dab of paint on the mix-ID sticker on the lid, but one wee dab of pale tint looks like much another wee dab. The pastel mint is also very similar to the pale turquoise, and it had been long enough since I’d made my color selections that I’d forgotten that the pale green tint was supposed to be the accent, not the main color.

Yeah, they gave me the wrong paint. But custom-tinted paint, like puppies or bathing suits, is a non-returnable item once you’ve taken it home. And I had not noticed, and had used a fourth of the can before I’d realised that fact. I’m feeling pissy and annoyed because I got The Wrong Paint Damnit. It’s not a bad color; like I said, it’s similar to a color I’ve chosen before. But this mis-tint is like so damn many things in my life, Not what I asked for, Not what I needed, and Not what I was supposed to get.

But Oh Well. Here I am with bedroom walls in the palest of mint greens. I ran short and picked up a quart to finish off the last wall, and had just enough to cover the inside of the closet as well. Obviously I can’t use the pale turquoise 5003-7A Harbor Mist for the accent color; it’s too similar, but not in an analogous way — it would just look like a mis-match. I suppose it can be used on the walls of my large pantry closet or some such; there’s only a quart of it, so it won’t go far.

We all end up with “mis-tints” in our lives. Things that are Not what we asked for, Not what we needed, and Not what we were supposed to get. We end up with too many of the wrong sorts of things, and not enough of the right sorts of things. Such is life. What matters is what we do with those mis-tints, and how we can reduce or nullify the negatives, and turn the unexpected results into positives.

The whole mint ice-cream effect of the bedroom walls is growing on me; there’s nothing as fine as freshly-painted walls, and it’s a cool, restful color. (Nothing at all like institutional pea green that gives me the heebie-jeebies.) While I was at the hardware store, I went and examined the color chips. Should I decide to go back and paint the single back wall of the nook in a contrasting color, I found a warm brown 2004-7A Italian Roast. It’ll be lovely.

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