Fairy dust

Or maybe it was called pixie dust. Whatever it was Tinkerbell sprinkled over the children in the Peter Pan story that magically allowed them to fly. That’s the ticket — that’s what we needed! Because you know, otherwise we couldn’t fly. (Not even if you wear a superhero cape and jump off your dresser.) We need something, because there are too many incidences of people with disabilities being denied airplane access, such as:

A limbless woman being refused permission to travel alone by Air France, one of whose employees said: “A torso cannot possibly fly on its own”

Actually, neither can torsos with arms and legs. Because we lack wings, humans cannot fly.  That’s why we invented airplanes. And helicopters, and hang gliders and suchlike.

At last a new law in the European Union is ensuring that all sorts of humans can not only get their tickets, but also get on their airplanes, because both holiday (vacation travel) companies and airlines will no longer be able to discriminate against the seven million disabled people who would travel by air around the EU. Furthermore, guide dogs will be allowed on planes, and you can get compensation if your wheelchair or other equipment gets mangled during the trip.

Because we lack wheels, humans cannot roll. That’s why we invented wheelchairs. And bicycles and motorcycles and cars and trains and suchlike. We just keep on truckin’.


  1. 17 October 2007 at 14:50

    John Hockenberry, in his book “Moving Violations,” has a lovely riff about POV on disability. (pp. 192-193 of the hardback edition from the library)

    I’m sure that to fish, humans all decked out in scuba gear look pretty much like marine animals from some particularly tragic special education class. To birds, humans flying by peering out of the tiny windows of pressurized jetliners must look as odd and tragic as a busload of people in iron lungs.
    —end excerpt.

    That part of the book is about his effort to become the “first crip in space.”


  2. mcewen said,

    16 October 2007 at 1:09

    Ooo some good news at last!

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