Gripping News

The coming-to-grips part post-diagnosis is a longish, interesting journey. There’s the initial relief (okay, I’m not lazy-stupid-crazy, I just have ADHD): UP!

Then you become aware of the Nomothetic Fallacy, realise that knowing what the issue is and naming it doesn’t resolve it. In some ways, things seem worse because you realise that no amount of “trying harder” will make it go away — it’s a “life sentence”: DOWN!

Then you decide to tackle things head-on, using your newly-found knowledge to circumvent problems and utilise your strengths: UP!

Giddy with all the improvements, you enter the proclaiming phase, now explaining to family and anyone else important — and then you find that there are some people who “don’t believe in it”, some don’t care, some don’t see the improvements, some of them don’t really understand, and a few refuse to change how they relate to you, et cetera: DOWN!

Faced with this realisation that you can’t change other people, and you can’t change your past, you then realise that what you can change is your views of how you relate to people and to your past.

This is the long-and-bumpy stage. It takes a while to sort out a gazillion hidden assumptions piled up over the years, and to re-examine events with the new understanding. This is the great part. You now have a better idea of who and what you are. UP!

Furthermore, you find you’re not alone. Welcome home.


Stuck. Off. Transfixed. Whatever you want to call it.

My attention was unexpectedly snagged by sight of something on the kitchen side table. The red cap to a Sharpie, a permanent marker with a pale ash grey barrel. Next to it was a black-capped Sharpie.

It was as though I was see RED for the first time again. Read the rest of this entry »