The pleasure of your company is requested

Zephyr’s getting the Disability Blog Carnival #19 set up over at Arthritic Young Thing, and it promises to be exciting because it’s about SEX!

So wow, I get to follow that. That’s about as great a slot as getting to do an hour-long presentation in a warm, dark auditorium right after lunch when the audience is stuffed full of turkey sandwiches (ooh, tryptophan, zzzz…) Hey, I’ve done that gig. And I tripped spectacularly en route to the lectern (tripping over nothing, because I’m just so talented that way). And then the AV equipment didn’t work at first. And I was coming down with the flu. But public speaking is still theatre of sorts, and I joke about my clumsiness and the malfunctioning equipment (“This stuff never happens to you all, right?”) and the show goes on, because this is What We Do. They even laughed at the jokes, bless them.

But it’s time to take a break from work! I selected “On Holiday” (on vacation) for my Disability Blog Carnival theme, Read the rest of this entry »