Okay, having created a mutant meme … I finally think of 8 things for the original one. And so it goes. See previous post for meme rules. I’m not going to do any extra tagging, tho’.

Odd things I like:

1. Spiders; I have a pet tarantula. Watch this space for Garden Buzzing about spiders (I’ll put a link here for the pictures that will be on another page, so arachnophobes won’t have to see them.)

2. Bees. (duh) Bees are fabulous, little golden-fuzzy honey machines, or metallic green wonders, or fat teddybear-ish bumbles, and essential to our food web.

3. Snakes. Alas, the cute one I was ogling at the pet shop got sold.

4. Heights. My son and I stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon and Read the rest of this entry »