Quelle horreur!

“Teh internets” at home finally got fixed late yesterday afternoon, after being out for two days. Woke up this morning with what feels like one of those “not-deadly-just-entrenched-for-two-or-three-days” migraines coming on. Will see if the meds help, soon as I feel like keeping something down so I can take the meds to make the migraine go away, so I don’t feel so nauseous and unsteady and unable to access so many of the “higher cognitive skills” widgets in my brain. Yeh, viscious circle, is it not?

First line of attack on the migraine is drinking some strong coffee (yay caffeine), and putting on my iTunes to drown out the louder-than-usual tinnitus that tops hearing aid feedback for dB and Hz obnoxiousness. (Okay okay, for you audiophiles I’m listening to “The tortoise and the hare” from Flook’s album Haven; it’s Celtic music. Now anyway), and began catching up on two days’ worth of blog reading.

At Planet of the Blind, Connie had posted a blog rating, which I find to be one of those humorous little asides. So I went and had mine done up: Read the rest of this entry »