First Foray

The first time I tried to advocate for myself, it did not go as I’d hoped. I won’t say that it was a complete failure, because the good news was that I still observed some important things. The bad news was that gaining that data made me feel like I had even more problems than before I’d started.

And so it goes. Or, went.

Here’s what happened. I’m nine, maybe just turned ten years old, and I’m in my fourth year of primary school. This would in a few months prove to be the beginning of a long scholastic slide downhill grade-wise, due to the fact that remembering to take home the homework, do the homework, and return the homework would prove to be a skill that was seemingly beyond my capabilities (for reasons no one could fathom; it was assumed that I was just being lazy or stupid, if not both). But that’s later, because at the time of our story, Read the rest of this entry »