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Recess means we take a break and play; it’s important to do that once in a while.

Today I have a cartoon from today’s funny pages, “Pearls Before Swine” by Stephen Pastis. This one made it to our refrigerator. Everyone has difficulties understanding voice-mail messages once in a while. Those of us with auditory processing problems or hearing problems have difficulties understanding voice-mail messages all the time. We dread listening to voice-mail messages, and hate having to listen to them repeatedly to try and figure out what someone is telling us.


(Description of cartoon: This is a seven-panel cartoon of a pig and a rat standing by a table with a telephone message recording machine. In the first panel, Rat is listening to a recorded message, with pencil poised over a notepad; the recorded message says, “…and so … if you just … uh… meet me … like … uhh … at the uhh…” In the second panel, Pig joins the annoyed-looking Rat and asks him, “What are you up to, Rat?” In the third panel, Rat answers, “Listening to this idiot’s endless message … all I want is for him to say his stupid phone number.” The recorded message continues, “sooooo, anyhoo…” In the fourth panel, Pig responds, “Yeah I hate that … it’s–” and Rat interrupts him, “Wait wait wait .. shut up … I think he’s about to say it …” as the recorded message continues, “so … uh … give … uh me … a … call … uh… the number … is”. In the fifth panel, Pig and Rat are listening to the message, and Rat is bug-eyed in disbelief, as the words of the recorded message are just a solid blur of indistinguishable numbers. By the sixth panel the message has stopped, and Pig is staring at Rat, who is now an angry red color with steam coming out of his ears, and is shaking his fists. In the last panel, Pig turns to leave, commenting, “Why are the slowest message talkers the fastest phone number givers?” Meanwhile, Rat is beating on the answering machine, BAM-BAM-BAM, and yelling, ” ‘Cause people are morons!! morons!! morons!!”)



  1. maelstrom143 said,

    15 March 2017 at 5:34

    Reblogged this on maelstrom143.

  2. Caitlin said,

    2 August 2010 at 15:49

    I’ve very glad I found this. During a session with my therapist I mentioned that I had hearing tests done every year in early elementary and described many problems described above. But the teachers/parents just attributed it to a hearing loss or ADD. He suggested I see an audiologist. I figured, ok but they’ll just say the same thing as before. I was surprised to hear APD. When I found out I felt better because I have so much trouble with conversation, especially in places like restaurants, the mall, or on cell phones but I can hear humming from lights or other machines others tune out. I’m ok on a landline or in quiet places. I often have the subtitles on my TV turned on. I often let phone calls go to voicemail just so I can replay them as much as necessary for me to understand the message.

  3. Sara said,

    4 July 2010 at 22:22

    Sooo glad I found this blog. I figured out a year or so ago that I have APD. I HATE using the phone these days. It seems that as technology gets better, I have worse problems. Gone are the days of beepers, land lines and pay phones, and now we have cell phones (with worse reception) and wireless sets! Eeek! I cannot even understand messages on my wireless land phone. I won’t pick up the phone to answer it, I let the message go to caller ID and read the screen. Only if my daughter is calling do I pick up. Oh, and those sites you call that have options (Push 1 if you want to . . . ) They are another pet peeve. With APD that’s just about impossible for me to get a human on the line.

  4. Kori said,

    4 September 2008 at 2:34

    OMG I thought this was just me!!! I HATE the phone, and even more HATE, Dread, voice mails. It is so nice to hear I’m not the only one!!! I love this site and can completly relate, its so nice.

  5. yanub said,

    11 March 2007 at 8:02

    Oh, I so relate to this particular cartoon! At work, I’ve allowed my voice mail box to fill so that it can’t take anymore messages, and I am not going to do anything about it–bwahaha! I freely give out email addresses, all of which I check, but listening to phone messages from strangers and people I barely know is impossible. And sometime I will write about my feelings regarding digital phone option systems. Yes, my phone hate is deep.

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