Five Weird Things

Meme-tag time. Given the incredible variety of unusual data shared by other AutismHub responders, it was hard to come up with stuff that would be considered “weird”.

I can wiggle my ears. They used to be kinda pointy, though not as pointy as aspie kid’s were. I feel a bit annoyed at the fact that my ear shape has “normalised” over time.

The only sport I ever got into was fencing. I’m not much good at it, as I have to slowly acquire one skill at a time, so my responses are entirely synthetic. On the other hand, there is a slight advantage to being a lefty fencer. It’s also vastly improved my sense of safe personal space, which is handy in my para job working with emotional & behavior disorder students. (No, I don’t go after them with sticks; the only time I’ve beaten any of the students is in chess games.)

My pet tarantula is named Rosie; she’s copper-colored, fluffy, and about 10 cm / 4 in long. She lives in a terantularium a couple feet away from my laptop. Hmn, maybe this doesn’t count as weird, merely uncommon. Trying again.

When making quilts, I used to listen to heavy metal. Actually, I don’t find that terribly odd, but at the time the kids claimed it was. I say “used to” because I’ve not had much time to work on quilts what with teaching classes, taking classes, and working a couple of jobs. (You’re shocked, I’m sure.) I also listen to jazz, blues, rock, classic and miscellaneous stuff, but no rap or twangy country. I’m musically synæsthetic, which is kind of like having a permanent Fantasia show if I close my eyes. Actually, that last part is probably the weird thing.

The only dancing I have ever had any skill at is bellydancing, because I don’t have to move my feet around. Bilateral coordination with both legs and arms has always been a challenge. However, being double-jointed was useful in this pursuit. Hmn, this is probably a not-so-weird item; this quiz is harder than I thought! Okay, one of the reasons why I’ve not done any dancing in a long time is that none of my stuff fits. Both times I had a child, I dropped a dress size postpartum. Due to that and other stuff, I was a size 12 when I got married, and am now a size 4. Apparently this is a very unusual thing to do, so I’ll stick with that.

I have a 3D CAD-like function in my head, and blew the lid off the block test score on my WAIS. I can fit more stuff into the dishwasher or a packing carton than anyone else I know. Not surprisingly, I really dig puzzles and construction sets. During insomniac nights, I mentally redesign gadgets to make them more user-friendly.

I think I’ll stick to my usual essays; they’re much easier to write.